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show them grace

To me, grace is unconditional love towards someone who does not deserve it. God gave us this by sending His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus died for my sins and yours too, not because we’ve done something to deserve it and not because we have to do something in the future to deserve it, He did it so that we can have a relationship with God through Him. Jesus is grace. Unconditional love, as far as dying on a cross, when we don’t deserve it we just have to receive it.

What does show them grace mean?


Show them grace is the foundation of June Ellen Clothing. Loving others when they don’t deserve it. Who is ‘them’ you ask? Them is your spouse, children, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, leaders, students, and yes, even the person that pulls out in front of you in the Kroger parking lot (I know, it drives me wild too). 


Show them grace is lived out by June Ellen Clothing with a donation commitment of 1 shirt for every 10 sold. We donate to children in foster care and underserved students in public schools. It is the mission of June Ellen Clothing to encourage children to become who God created them to be. Our prayer is that children receive a shirt with an encouraging message on it and feel the love of Jesus and find hope in the situation they are going through. No matter what children are experiencing they all need hope, and we pray we can give it to them.


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